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Jeannine & Rachel Lenox

Jeannine and Rachel are the sweetest couple! You can absolutely see the love that radiates between them.

Jeannine had 6 ladies in her bridal party and Rachel had 3 so they opted to get ready at two separate locations in Baton Rouge. We sent a team of stylists and artists to each location.

We really wanted each party to have their own cohesive look. We decided to bring all of Rachel's party together with the same hairstyle, upside-down french braid updo's. Jeannine's party shared the common thread of porcelain-like, flawless foundation and the liptones took cues from her stunning bouquet. did an unbelievable job with their wedding portraits! Jeannine is an artist so Julep Studio had high expectations to meet and they definitely surpassed them!

Rachel doesn't wear a lot of makeup so we were sure to give her a natural look by using airbrush foundation and accenting her brows.


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